"Marpesca your direct source of premium quality frozen seafood from Central and South America,placing you in the center of a well-recognized and respected business in the seafood industry."




Our goal is to seek premium quality seafood, processing methods and packaging to distribute our product with greater quality assurance and speed to customers.



We operate our own fleet of large vessels, shipyard, deep large freezers storage, state-of-the-art processing plants, a privately owned truck fleet as well as a specialized retail store for frozen seafood and high value added products.

Our processing plants are located adjacent to the Panama Canal, which allows the quickest transit to any port in the world.


Marpesca Group has more than 62 years of unparalleled experience that brought us to the forefront of leading specialists in the fresh and frozen seafood industry, offering a wholesale service as well as White label branding which include Julie, Golden Choice and BELMARE amongst others in Europe, Asia, USA, Central and South America.


MARPESCA'S main business is based in Panama, Central America with three sales offices operating overseas: MARPESCA DIRECT in Tampa, Florida, USA; MARPESCA MIAMI, Miami, Florida, USA; MARPESCA EUROPA in Valladolid, Spain.

We distribute our products both wholesale and retail and offer a variety of prawns from the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and aquaculture, as well as a variety of fish such as Mahi-Mahi, snapper, sole, sea bass and tuna among others.





Marpesca is committed in providing a product that maintains his excellent quality at long range, satisfying quality audits such as FDA, health authorities of the European Union and Taiwan.

Providing the resources and quality when it comes to fish and seafood, our goal is to get a first class product and processing methods that allow us to distribute our products with the highest possible quality guaranteed, and with the speed required by our customers.


We are a company that advocates for food security as well as the development of our seafood with maximum freshness and quality.


Our staff plays a very significant role in the development of MARPESCA as a business. Consolidation, skills and competitiveness are our driving forces.

Our team in the Human Resources Department invests in constant learning and training schemes, career opportunities, seminars and conferences in Panama as well as abroad which makes our personnel motivated to succeed and perform at a high standard.


Marpesca is a responsible company that acts committed and offering products of high quality and food safety . Thanks to this commitment to develop and implement various quality certifications that guarantee.

This standard is intended to assist organizations in developing a proposal for Management Control and Security in International Trade , to protect companies , their employees and other people whose safety might be affected by its activities.
BASC Nº ECUMEC00062-1-1


The HACCP system identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure food safety.








Marpesca moved to Vacamonte in 1980 as proposed by the Panamanian government for the sole purpose of capturing and processing sea shrimp. In 1995 we expanded our product to a variety of fish such as snapper, sole, Mahi-Mahi and Tuna among othersWe have a fleet with more than 52 boats of different characteristics and our own shipyard, "Astillero Juan Diaz" where we repair and maintain our fleet and others.Our facilities are located in a private area, which has a national and international pier where boats unload various products to be sent to the processing plantIn addition we also have a fridge for frozen and fresh seafood.

Fresh products like Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, Grouper, Conger, among others are exported mostly to the USA with the highest quality certificates. And also frozen products for exports to USA, Europe and Asia.

All products, both fresh, and frozen, are distributed by Transcorozal, our company adjacent to the Panama Canal, to protect the quality, and ensure the arrival of the product on time to your destination.


Marine Shrimp Farm is the company in charge of the whole process of farmed shrimp. Our company is located in Salado, Aguadulce, Cocle Province about 198 km from Panama City.
Our shrimp farm has an area of 1350 hectares and a processing plant where we proceed with the sorting of shrimp by quality and size, plus packaging and freezing.