Marpesca S.A.
Marpesca S.A. is located in the Port of Vacamonte. Company dedicated to the capture and processing of sea shrimp mainly. In addition in his product catalogue we can find Mahi-Mahi, tuna, snapper and sole.


Marpesca Packers
It is the processing plant located in The Salado, Aguadulce. Processing plant that offer maquila services (cleaning, sorting and packing) of shrimp and fish.
Plant with the latest technology with the highest quality standards and processes. The size of the plant is 4000m2 and has a volume of 700 workers.
The company policy is to convey the consumers with products of the highest quality.


Marine Shrimp Farm

The shrimp farm in the Salado in Aguadulce has over 50 years of experience. With an area of more than 1350 hectares with salt lakes. The tide rises to supply water for these lakes.
Company with over 3000 employees.
It has a highly professional biological-technical team that ensures our products have the best conditions, inputs and processes, thus maintaining the highest quality shrimp cultivation and harvest. Demonstrable by high rates of production of Premium shrimp.
The company policy is very focused on human development, in obtaining the maximum levels of quality and preserve the environment.


Distribuidora Belmare S.A., In the year1996, Belmare was born from the idea of meeting the needs of selling seafood in a local market. Today it is one of the leading brands in the country providing a personalized service to our customers.
We market and distribute exclusively in hotels and restaurants of Panama.
Every day we seek to offer the best products with the highest quality and safety standards to our customers.


Muelles de Atún
Muelles de Atún is located in the Port of Vacamonte. Among the main operations and functions we highlight :

- Port for vessels, where water, diesel, food, lubricants and others are supplied to ships.
- Port of ships carrying construction materials.
- Unloading seafood in general.
- Ship repairs.



Cold storage company located in the Port of Vacamonte, necessary for the perfect maintenance of ours products.

Procesadora Marpesca
Procesadora Marpesca is next to the headquarters of the Company in the Zone of Corozal, Ancon, Panama. Exporter of products like shrimp, tuna, mahi-mahi, among others.



Marpesca Direct
In 2005 Marpesca opened the offices in the United States with Marpesca Direct, in Tampa, Florida, to offer the US market with the highest quality seafood products and service.

Our products come from the clear waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: shrimp, tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, sole and sea bass among others. We also offer a wide range of breaded and processed products.

Our processing plants are located adjacent to the Panama Canal, which allows the quickest transit time to any US port. Our number one priority is food security, processing the freshest and best quality products.

We have the ability to be extremely flexible in terms of personalized packaging.



Marpesca Europa
Marpesca Europe was constituted in October 2009 as a comercial branch of Marpesca Group for Europe and Africa. Commercial offices are located in the city of Valladolid. We sell Vannamei Shrimp, Wild Pink Shrimp, Sole, whole tuna and tuna loins both pre-cooked and raw.
We have active participation in all international trade fairs and business surveys conducted to find targeted customers who already use the products we sell or offer them to customers that see in them a potencial new line of business.