Marpesca offers premium quality seafood

Marpesca is a multinational company with more than 70 years of successful production and trading seafood products around the world. In the 1950s, its initiation started in Panama, Central America and through the years managed to grow operations with own bases in Ecuador, United States and Europe as well as internationally with representations for trading its products.

Marpesca owns and operates 5 purse seine tuna boats in international waters in the Pacific Ocean as well as 32 boats in Panama for Wild Shrimp fishing and Tuna and Mahi Mahi line fishing. In addition to the sea fleet, Marpesca owns a 1000-hectare shrimp farm in Aguadulce, Panama, that also includes its own larva genetical production laboratory. 

Marpesca operates 3 plants: one in Manta, Ecuador named Pespesca with a processing capacity of 150 tons per day to produce fresh and cooked Tuna Loins, a second one in Vacamonte, Panama processing fresh Tuna and, finally in Aguadulce, Panama, one plant with the capacity to process more than 100,000 pounds per day of wild and farm shrimp, CO Tuna and several other fish species.

Marpesca provides seafood solutions for a variety of major wholesalers and foodservice international companies with their private brands and, it markets its own brands as well such as Julie and Golden Choice for Shrimp, and Marpesca for fish products.

Marpesca also manages an aeronautical division for more than 20 years operating helicopters for passenger and cargo for mining, the Panama Canal, among many other private customers.

We are committed to preserve the ocean

Our objective is to bring to you the highest quality seafood.

Marpesca main business operations are based in Panama and in 3 countries: Marpesca Direct LLC., commercial office in Florida, USA; Marpesca Europa SL, commercial office in Valladolid, Spain, and Pespesca S.A., the processing plant in Montecristi, Ecuador.


Marpesca is a sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible company, complying with the highest standards of Certifications and Environmental and Quality Policies: "Dolphin Save" Certificates, HACCP, Int'l Food Standard, BASC and FDA, etc. reinforcing its commitment to safe and sustainable measures to preserve the environment